September 2017

Vvdi pro adapter and vvdi2 program bmw bdc all key lost-03

VVDI2 and VVDI pro adapter program BMW BDC all key lost?

After a long day using Xhorse VVDI2, VVDI PRO adapter, and BMW test platform to BMW BDC all key lost, and couldn’t be happier with the test result. I would like to share a video guide step by step, and attach couples of pictures with precious tips.


which BMW ICOM cable you need

which  BMW ICOM cable you need: K+DCAN or ENET or ICOM A2/ ICOM Next? K+DCAN cable (switch mode) ENET cable BMW ICOM (ICOM A2, ICOM Next) Image       Price $17.99 $11.99 $300 around…


Beginners’ comprehensive guide for BMW ISTA+

Part 1: PDF file on BMW ISTA+ installation, configuration and/or usage It includes installation, configuration and/or usage. The guide attempts to answer fundamental questions on what the BMW ISTA+ is for, what can you do…