BMW ICOM A3 does have some differences from ICOM A2

Have picked up my new ICOM A3 emulator from  via DHL. And tested it directly for too much bad voice online. (kind of worry if it’s actually a fake icom a3)

First, i checked the firmware; it’s the new version 1.4.0. So, two points i wanna say:

First, it is ICOM A2 with build in usb-ethernet adapter.

Second, it is K+DCAN interface built in A2 casing.

icom-a3-port-2 icom-a3-port-1

Anyways, it is not an official product by BMW AG.

Only the official BMW Icom from Actia is an official product by BMW AG – otherwise all the Icom’s are cloned. The price for the clone; it’s okay.

Some inside pictures of the new ICOM A3 hardware, same kind of assembly in ICOM A2

2016-BMW-ICOM-A3-pcb-hardware-5 2016-BMW-ICOM-A3-pcb-hardware-1 2016-BMW-ICOM-A3-pcb-hardware-2 2016-BMW-ICOM-A3-pcb-hardware-3 2016-BMW-ICOM-A3-pcb-hardware-4

And below is ICOM A2 PCB (my friend offered)

bmw-icom-a2-pcb-5 bmw-icom-a2-pcb-1 bmw-icom-a2-pcb-2 bmw-icom-a2-pcb-3 bmw-icom-a2-pcb-4

No much complaint of it and better then people said on forums i thought. I think the main reason for A3 is that it can resume programming where left off during interruption. NOT Quality.

But still had some minor issues – it was still getting hot when intensively used. But worked OK for flashing cic cid etc.