BMW ICOM Next Led flashing red  

Have one BMW ICOM Next and when I pluged OBD to socket, SYSTEM led started flashing red.

I tried reflashing Firmware and cofigure user. Settings but nothing changed still led flashing red.

icom-next-led-flashing-red-08 icom-next-self-test-results-04 icom-next-self-test-results-05 icom-next-self-test-results-06 icom-next-self-test-results-07 icom-next-led-flashing-red-01 icom-next-led-flashing-red-02

Reason: Probably because fan test failed.

So, How will I fix this problem ? Here BMW ICOM Next PCB

icom-next-pcb-10 icom-next-pcb-09


The problem is that the problem with the processor and the algorithm for writing errors in the firmware from the old icom.

You can remove the error by connecting a three-wire fan or a pulse generator with a frequency of 400 Hz.

For normal operation it is necessary to set cool the CPU


Take action:

I will go with that fan. I need to buy a small fan with three wires and solder it. On top of the processor i will put some thermal paste with heatsink also.

Question: You know which of this 4 hole is for: Ground (GND), Live wire (VCC 5V) and Third Wire for fan control ? There are 4 holes and 3 of them have trails that goes to the board.

Connection of a fan or generator to 400Hz


Thank you just is working system light red again

thank you very much !!!

IS solved