BMW ICOM Next Diagnostic Tool Save a lot

BMW ICOM Next can not work without software and computer which you can get from Buy the combination can save you €98.09. BMW ICOM Next is a powerful wireless diagnostic tool at a low price which…

How to Setup BMW COM Next WIFI

About: BMW ICOM Next WiFi (WLAN) Suggestions and reference… here you go I have ICOM Next and I’m using with LAN connection, fast and reliable. Next comes always with w-lan interface. I thought you just bought from parts distributor…

How to: BMW Enet E-sys Flash F11 ECU

I’ve created a noobs guide on how to use BMW Enet E-sys to flash your ECU’s in an F11. A warm thanks to everybody, especially shawnsheridan. Disclaimer: All content in this document is to be seen as guidelines….