E90 320D 2011 KM Change with Digiprog 3 or Carprog

Hi guys,

My car is BMW E90 320D 2011. I have two tools that Digiprog 3 4.88 and Carprog. I already know that it is not easy. First, I have to check two things.

How can I know M35080 lock or unlocked (v3/6)?
If I have locked M35080, can I replace it with an unlocked(another) M35080 chip?

What happens if I don’t change the value of CAS?
I think that my CAS is latest version. I saw that many threads were unable to work if they used Digiprog / Carprog. Does it right?


Best reply:

You can do dash with Carprog and write new value in new eeprom if your eeprom have write protection carprog cant erase M35080 with write protection.
But only if your carprog is reworked dont try with chinese Carprog you can easily fuck up the dash.

Best option take out M35080 from dash read with Digiprog on adapter not in circuit very risky and write new mileage in new eeprom digiprog clone cant erase and write new mileage in a used M35080 DONT TRY!!
Do CAS with digiprog through OBD at your own risk i dont recomend do that if you dont have a backup find another tool for programming CAS.

VVDI Prog, XPROG, UPA and use software to calculate new mileage.