How to change VIN in BMW X1 E84 with WinKFP

WinKFPchange VIN in BMBW X1 E84: Success!

Is it possible to change VIN in ECU with WinKFP possible? Here is the customer solution.. Here you go.

Car: BMW X1 E84 Diesel
Bosch nr: 0281016110
BMW nr: 8506438

Purpose: This ECU is from a donor car (which is manual transmission) – I want to install it into an X1 with auto transmission. I need to change VIN before programming / coding with ISTA P

Tools i have: icom a2 emulator (i mean the china clone), running with the latest bmw software ver. 2017.3 (ISTA-D 4.04.12 ISTA-P

Question:Can I change VIN number of this ECU with WinKFP?Would it be possible?

Suggestion i’m using: if you flash the DME with WinKFP it will change the VIN to the one you type. If not, Tool32 can do it. (With tool 32 you must enter 18 )
However depending on DME, you may not be able to use a second hand DME to another car because of ISN issues.
You may also need to code it after flashing.

Result: I did manage to solve it. I got the ECU, CAS and Key from donor car — which was a manual.

I used WinKFP to flash automatic car ECU software to the donor car ecu. after that, I copied wrote VO code of the original car to the donor car CAS.

Finally after writing new VO code to CAS, I coded the CAS to default using Ncsexpert again, now the car started.

The only problem is that the VIN number is now of the donor car in the ECU and CAS – and I think changing VIN of the new cas to the original car will cause problem with the Key, as the key has vin of the donor car and might not start if there is vin mismatch with cas? I am not too sure of this, BMW experts here can comment on this further