ICOM NEXT A+B+C Connect with Car Failed by ENET cable(Solved)

I have recently bought an ICOM next A+B+C and it was failed to connect with cars via E-SYS. I asked help on the forum and some kind friends help me solving the problem, thanks!


I have installed ITOOL Radar and reserved the ICOM, and when i try to connect the IP address is automatically inserted under ICOM/ ethernet, then i hit connect and it says connection failed.

I also check the port is correct and the (50160) Firewalls is opened, ICOM is working perfectly with ISTA+ and ISTA/p. The version ISTA/D 4.03. and ISTA/p 3.60.2, may be the latest version soit didn’t ask meto update ICOM. The IP address is showing up as below.


Finally the Problem solved! The IP address that windows gave to ICOM from DHCP was different than the ICOM IP from ISTA+. I changed the address to the one from ISTA and it works like a charm.

So, how to Change the IP to the settings?


(in EasyConnect the IP address may different)