ICOM Next Esys fitted & coded new FRM3 (power windows)

Solved! ICOM Next Esys fitted & coded new FRM3. Everything is working.


Fitted and coded a brand new FRM3 everything is working except power windows, I cannot initialise them because the FRM has a Windows Regulator over temperature fault stored so has shutdown power to the windows.
Got issues with both front windows, car does not have rears that open

But windows were working with previous frm

I cannot clear this fault at all with ISTA+
I am using latest psdz and have FA coded (no mods) several times to no avail.

Car: 2013 F13
Tool: ICOM Next

Jararak advice:

try to recode it one more time with null file (regarding VO)

maybe try to power off transport mode


Have FA coded several times now, I did do a delete transport mode after fitting, but if it was in transport mode other things would not work

KKKKK advice:

You only need to initialize the windows with ista+ ! That’s all after coding.


Can’t do that Ista+ does nothing because of over temperature fault code

Now solved!!!
Flashed latest software and re-coded all errors now gone and windows initialised.

Flashed with latest software using Esys and Icom Next

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