INPA Works well on BMW E36 Engine

Here is the instruction on diagnosis on BMW E36 engine module, including reading vehicle information& engine status, coding, reading& clearing error codes…. all done by INPA software.

BMW E36 engine:

BMW E36 Engine


When INPA starts, trhe following screen is displayed:

For the Z3, press F2 for the E36 options. This will open a dialog from which you can choose a number of scripts relating to the various modules in the car.

From the dialog select Engine and then the option appropriate to your car. The DME 5.2 for M44 script relates to my car and the results are presented below.

image (1)

The menu screen will be shown:

image (2)

Pressing F2 shows the Engine Ident screen:

image (3)

The part number 1438877 relates to the DME Basic Control Unit, full part number

Pressing F3 shows the Engine Code screen:

image (5)

The actual VIN-number of the vehicle is shown along with some other details from the DME.

Pressing F4 shows the Engine Error Menu screen:

image (6)

Pressing F1 reads the error codes and shows the Engine Error Report screen:

image (7)

As you can see I have two errors, both relating to a misfire. The first error is a summary error, the second a specific error relating to cylinder 3. The additional information shows that this occured at idle when starting from cold.

Pressing F2 should clear the error codes.

Pressing F7 clears Adaptations:

image (8)

Press F10 to return to the Engine menu.

Pressing F5 for the Engine Status display presents a menu screen with 6 additional options:

image (9)

Pressing F1 shows Digital 1:

image (10)

Pressing F2 shows Digital 2:

image (11)

Pressing F3 shows Analog 1:

image (12)

Pressing F4 shows Analog 2:

image (13)

Pressing F5 shows Analog 3:

image (14)

Pressing F6 shows Smoothness:

image (15)

Pressing F10 returns to the Engine menu.

Pressing F6 shows the Engine Activate Menu screen:

image (16)

Pressing F10 returns to the Engine menu.

Where to get INPA:

-K+DCAN cable (only with INPA)

-BMW ICOM A2 diagnostic tool

(Devices above are the most reputable BMW diagnostic mux in the market)

Read more about INPA tools:

BMW K+DCAN cable Wth FT232RL Chip



Top 5 Reasons to Get K+DCAN cable for BMW:

  1. Allows full diagnose of BMW from 1998 to 2008 cars.
  2. BMW INPA K+CAN is built in 2 lines K and D-can magisterial.
  3. Fast magisterial D-CAN and PT-CAN (500 kbit/s)
  4. Slow magisterial K-CAN (100 kbit/s)
  5. Standard BMW protocol (BMW OBD interface).

BMW ICOM A2 diagnostic tool:

bmw-icom-a2-b-c-pcb-board-2 bmw-icom-a2-b-c-pcb-board-1 icom_u icom_y2

Top 5 Reasons to Get ICOM A2+B+C with Wifi:

  1. Software Version: English Version is V2015.10, Other Language Version is V2015.7
    Hardware Version: ICOM Application-01.38.01
  2. Equipped with WIFI, now you can use wireless function.
  3. Supports for a new Intel adapter function
  4. Supports almost 95% laptop on the world with Intel chip( I3/I5/I7 series) and have 4GB memory
  5. Multi-language: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Czech, Swedish, Dutch, Indian, Greek, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai.