Program BMW E46 ECU with BMW ICOM WinKFP software

BMW ICOM ISTA-D ISTA-P software HDD comes with BMW standard tool (INPA, EDIABAS and WinKFP) and other engineer programming software. Here is an instruction on BMW E46 318 DME software update on M43TU engine with BMW ICOM WinKFP software.


1) Well install BMW ICOM software HDD (newest 2014.12 Rheingold ISTA-D 3.46.30 ISTA-P 54.2.002).

2) Connect BMW ICOM A2+B+C diagnostic system hardware with vehicle via OBD socket.

3) After well load software, run BMW WinKFP software on the desktop.

4) Select “F1 Comfort mode”


5) Select “F3 Update ZUSB”, then choose engine type “MDS43” by pull down the drop-down list on “ECU family” Tab.  Press “Done” button.


6) Press “F3 Prog ZB-Update”, accept the windows prompt by clicking on “Yes”


The WinKFP software will display the detail vehicle information on the top of the program

Accept “The user info field can still be programmed 12 times. Program ECU?” notice by clicking “OK”

WinKFP now is updating the ECU, wait until it processes to 100%.


ECU update is completed, ZUSB-Update programming OK.


Exit BMW ICOM WinKFP software and disconnect BMW ICOM a2+b+c diagnostic tool.