CGDI BMW New Update with CAS mileage reset function

CGDI BMW Newest Update Details: 1. Fix some win7 users fail to open the software. 2. Fix a problem that a version has failed to erase the mileage. 3. OBD key matching: increase support for 9389115, 9395657 two versions of CAS3++ 4. BMW ISN: Add 9389115, 9389116, 9395656, 9395657 four versions of CAS read, write, read and write ISN 5. Increase CAS mileage reset function, support CAS1-CAS3+, a small number of versions of CAS are not supported, if you do not support you can try to upgrade to a supported version. The following are the supported CAS hardware numbers: CAS3:6943770,6943774,6943776,6943777,6943779,6943780,6943783,6943784,6943788,6943790,6943798,6943805,6943806,6943816,6943817,6943823,6943824,6943832,6965769,6985696,6985697,9147170,9147171,9147184,9147193,9147194,9147197,9147198,9147199,9147200,9147201,9147202,9147207,9147208,9147209,9147210,9147211,9147218,9147219,9147228,9147229,9230591,9257219,9257220,9273192,9273193,9283153,9283154,9314256,9321069 CAS2:4113748,4113918,4113919,4114222,4114373,4116023,4116658,4117916,4119466,4121910,4125233 4125709,4142256,6922390,6927930,6931395,6943745,6960978,6961659

CGDI Prog BMW Key Programmr V2.2.0 Update

CGDI Prog BMW Newest Version V2.2.0 Update: 1. Increase BMW F series coding, restore coding and backup coding. 2. Add BMW EGS function. 3. Add read/write BMW CAS ISN (4 bytes) feature. 4. Modify software auto activation display, increase user interaction. 5. DEM wiring diagram optimization provides full-screen display. 6. BMW OBD key matching and FEM/BDC compatible small screen display. 7. Modify CAS4 key whether display error. 8. Other bugs fix.   Find More CGDI:

CGDI BMW Update with new function

FYI, CGDI Prog BMW released new functions for BMW F series coding and EGS ISN authorized for FREE if you have any of devices like CGDI MB, CG100 full version or CGPRO . CGDI-BMW update in 05-2018: Increase the BMW F series car code! Restoring code…

CGDI BMW program new remotes to BMW 530Li CAS3

Test report: CGDI Prog BMW and BMW 530Li 315 remotes Place: Date: Dec 27th, 2017 Device: CGDI Prog BMW key programmer Car: BMW 530Li Basic vehicle information: CAS version number: 9147227 CAS version: CAS3 Remote frequency:…