Use Launch M-diag Lite Plus To do BMW diagnosis

DIY BMW diagnosis & Special function by Launch M-diag Lite Plus is the cost and effective option.

BMW models to test:



BMW ECUs to cover:


Automatic transmission

Anti-lock Brake




Electronic Throttle Rearview Mirror Rear Seat Memory



Center Control Module

Parking Sensor

Light system

BMW diagnostic & maintenance tool at low price:

Launch M-diag Lite Plus adapter + BMW brand software ($69 incl. shipping cost at www. PS: if you bought from others, please make sure it is original. But the price can’t be cheaper than, I confirm.

Additional mobile device:

Option 1: Android Phone / Tablet

Option 2: IOS iPhone

How to use Launch M-diag Lite Plus?

  1. Use Phone / tablet to Scan M-diag QR code, click the site to download M-diag.apk and install.


  1. Register User and login -> Active M-diag adapter -> Connect M-diag adapter with the OBDII port of the vehicle -> Download BMW software.

Guide to Android users: Install APP ->complete registration -> click the specific car software to download.

Guide to IOS users’: Install app -> complete user registration-> click the specific car software to download, note: you are required to download the corresponding market software, otherwise it won’t work.

Please make sure to complete download car software firstly and then download free software like EOBD & DEMO, if not it may cause device malfunction.

  1. M-diag test report on special functions and diagnostic function:

Donemdiag menu-09 mdiag function-11 mdiag function-12 mdiag function-13 mdiag function-14 mdiag function-15 mdiag function-16 mdiag function-17 mdiag-function-10