Which is the reset button for ICOM NEXT restore?  

Very suitable method to restore BMW ICOM Next A… Here you go… Just open it and press reset button when 12v applied; don’t need to use any other restore with icom next..

So, which is reset button for the ICOM NEXT?

Just look at a small hole next to usb port .

bmw-icom-next-a-reset-button bmw-icom-next-a-package

In the picture above, what is marked in red is the RESET BUTTON

There is also a button under the white tab on the opposite side

Use usb 3.0 flash drive and then hold white button to solve!!

If it doesn’t work also, here is the ultimate solution.

Please download this


(Password for archive is well known)

Extract it and put this on a fresh formatted (FAT32) USB stick

Put the stick in your ICOM NEXT, push and hold the button while you plug ICOM to a well charged car

Hold the button for at least 4-5 seconds

Now release the button and push it again 3 times within 5 seconds

Update should start

Please be patient. (wait about 5-7 minutes to finish the update)

After all is done, 4 RED LEDs will be on

Do NOT unplug ICOM. WAIT! After some time all LEDs will turn off

Now you can unplug ICOM, remove USB and plug it back to car again.

Everything should work now.

Good Luck!